About WhiteRope

I started this site, primarily, to have a practical application while learning to code. I'd previously had other-worldly experiences on computer problem message boards, run by "others" whose language was alien and seemingly being served to my browser on accident, an error for which Area 51 personnel would soon come dragging me to the mothership to rob me of my memory, no doubt.

I am a creative writer, software developer, and former musician in Austin, TX. I am cofounder of a fundraising organization, Those Texas Women , and live with a fat, grumpy toddler of a dog, named Rufus, who will undoubtedly be featured prominently time and time again. If inspiration is the spice of life, then positive people are the source of so many flavors and I gobble them up into my belly.

One time, I was featured in the Austin Statesman for my experience in a life I lived 'before cancer'. I was happy then, I am happy now, so trust me on this happiness business because I am a doctor.

The real star here is my dog, Rufus. Here he is debugging my blogging problems. Such a hero.

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